The Dragon Boat results for 2019 have been posted here.

The 2019 draw is up. Check out the Combined Draw or the Rowing Draw.

2019 DDRA Regatta in Welland. Draws are below.

The 2019 draw is up. Check out the Combined Draw or the Rowing Draw..

Ken Lane Special Achievement Award for Volunteering – 2018

This year’s award winner has been a member of the Dominion Day Regatta Association since January 2014. The job that this volunteer took on very quickly morphed from focusing on getting the regatta course installed, to recruiting almost all the volunteers for the regatta. A paragon of organization, early on, she started turning up to DDRA meetings with spreadsheets of names that totally knocked our socks off.

A year later, she was in charge of recruiting all the volunteers for the entire regatta, including saving spaces for the canoe-kayak volunteers. From course installation, it became a list of volunteer boat drivers for the day, volunteers to hand out tankards, volunteers to take photos, volunteers to hand out flags and pins, volunteers to make announcements, volunteers to decorate the grandstand with flags, volunteers to tweet the results, and this year, recruiting enough coach boats to make sure that all the rowing and canoe-kayak needs were served.

Organizing lunches had been Martha’s job, including stuffing brown paper bags with a cookie, some water and an apple. Then last year and this year, after we lost Martha, negotiating for lunches and bringing the apples, water and cookies were added to Teresa’s volunteer list. I can;t come anywhere near to imagining the numbers of emails, texts and phone calls I have had with this year’s award winner in the past month and the past week. All I know is, if she asks me for something, it’s because she can't do her job without it and I had better reply promptly. And so I do.

So it is with enormous pleasure that I introduce to you this year’s Ken Lane Special Achievement Award winner: TERESA READ.


Information For Participants + Directions

Taking place on the scenic Island Park and historic Allan A. Lamport regatta course, every July 1st, bringing excitement, outdoor fun and friends together for the past 134 years! This is a very special event that brings together rowing, canoe, kayak and dragon boat enthusiasts, both experienced and beginners, of various age and gender groups. Participants are encouraged to bring their friends and families out to the island and enjoy the water, the park, the racing and the beautiful view of the city and the lake.

Ferry: The Centre Island ferry schedule has been arranged to start earlier that day at 7:30 am (and runs every 30 minutes).  You can buy your tickets on race day or in blocks of 10 in advance at 10% savings.  Tickets can be purchased online here. They are available at the ferry terminal gate at the foot of Bay Street by the water.  All participants are encouraged to catch the earliest ferry they can as this is a busy holiday weekend and there will be thousands of people flocking to the Island! MORE


About The Canada Day Regatta

2018 marks the 134th Annual DDRA Canada Day Regatta. This is a unique and exciting regatta that features alternating races between dragon boats, canoes, kayaks and rowing shells. Join us for this special event on Canada Day!

        > Jack Guest Memorial Trophy

DDRA and Don Rowing Club are excited to report that the Jack Guest Trophy, for the Rowing Senior Men’s Singles winner will be awarded again this year. Previous winners include Olympians and Canadian and International champions. So, Senior Men Singles – put your best foot forward!

Good luck to all Canada Day Regatta participants!


DDRA Strategic Plan approved – 2017

The Dominion Day Regatta Association’s Strategic Plan was approved at the 2017 Annual General Meeting. Minor amendments to upgrade it were added at a January DDRA Executive Meeting and the final version is here; The Strategic Plan was based on a survey of clubs completed in January 2017.


DDRA Survey 2017 Results

Thanks to all those who participated in the survey of clubs in January 2017. Attached is the report that summarizes your responses. The DDRA met on February 11, 2017 to develop a Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan report has been drafted and is under review. It will be posted once approved by the DDRA. Once again, thanks for your participation in this important process.

Download DDRA Survey Results